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FLATS® Studio Micro Series™ is a video concert collection broadcasted live from FLATS®. Its core goal is to develop, enhance and engage the community in the neighborhoods where FLATS® buildings are. To perform and cultivate music is what we’re after. Jazz, rap, folk, electronic, or whatever you’ve got going on, we want to hear it and we want to share it. And most likely, people want to listen. The community is your soundboard. Rock on! Apply to be a Micro Series Performer

Performances will be live on FLATS® Facebook when scheduled.



  1. 01. Nordista Freeze, Zac, Parker

    Stream our first Micro Series show of the summer LIVE on Facebook! Performing artists include S. Grant Parker, Nordista Freeze, and […]

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  2. 02. SharmonJarmon!

    What music do you produce? Alternative Soul/R&B How and when did you get started? I’ve been writing songs since […]

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  3. 03. Mercedes Webb

    What music do you produce? I produce what I like to call sad girl indie brood. I guess in […]

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  4. 04. Joslyn-Marie

    What music do you produce? I produce soul music. It isn’t as specific as most soul music is typically […]

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  5. 05. Jack Red

    What music do you produce? I make RnB music with elements of traditional Soul, HipHop, and Gospel. How and […]

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  6. 06. Sonny Apollo

        What music do you produce? I currently produce pop music. The sonic influences right now are funk, […]

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  7. 07. Chandy

      What music do you produce? I write songs about love, aliens, death, heartache, dreams I’ve had, flowers, relationships, […]

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  8. 08. Lester Rey

    What music do you produce? I produce a genre that blends together RnB, Soul, and Funk with Cha Cha […]

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