01. No. 1050™

02. The Bachelor

03. The Lawrence House

  1. 01. No. 1050™

    No. 1050™, the former Wilson Avenue Theater (and TCF Bank), opened as one of the first large venues in the Uptown neighborhood, showing two vaudeville performances nightly. Now, No. 1050™ is one of our largest and most prized FLATSstudio buildings. Encapsulated by the building's original architectural ornamentation, No.1050™ has become, once again, a place in Uptown to showcase and relive the arts.

  2. 02. The Bachelor

    Just steps away from the Wilson CTA station, The Bachelor is both conveniently located and thoughtfully designed. With a spacious basement, large loft area, and floor-to-ceiling windows, this space is perfect for installation, performance, and new media art. The Bachelor’s open-concept, multi-floor layout creates a unique experience for both the art(ist) and the FLATS™ tenant.

  3. 03. The Lawrence House

    The Lawrence House has been a cornerstone of life since its construction in the early 20th century. Originally an upscale apartment hotel, this art deco building has been renovated for the modern conveniences of today. The Lawrence House's grand lobby and stylish rooftop make it the perfect location to host both FLATSstudio shows and Micro Series performances.


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